Tennis For Schools

JW Tennis Academy are already working in many schools close to yours. You could benefit from our services too!

Our main objective is to enhance, enthuse and build children’s life skills at the same time as helping them maintain healthy and social lifestyles through the platform of tennis. Not only that, we can help you achieve your regulatory and curriculum requirements by providing services tailored specifically for schools.

We offer a range of coaching programmes including Tots Tennis, Morning School Clubs and After School Clubs. We also have the ability to cover obligatory PPA time. This has proven extremely beneficial to schools as it’s a perfect way to ensure your physical education obligations are covered in the week.

We can also help you respond effectively to digital initiatives being driven by the government as we are due to launch a mobile app halfway through 2016. The app is designed to engage parents, track children’s progress, weekly achievements and produce reports for teachers. Upon login, parents and teachers will be presented with a report on each child’s progress and their specific achievements which can be tailored to meet curriculum objectives.

Just like you, we’re not fond of admin, and that’s why we can handle lesson payments online and can optionally take payments directly from parents.

Finally, in order to develop reading, writing and speaking skills, we encourage children to write about their tennis experiences as fun homework. We then nominate two students at the start of each lesson to read their homework out loud.

We understand each school has different needs and we’re happy to adapt to provide the most effective service we can. Our pricing structure is negotiable depending on longevity of the financial commitment made.

We’d love to have a chat about your requirements and what services would be appropriate at your school. If you’d like this, please email us with your contact details so we can arrange a call or a meeting.

Trading as 'JW Tennis LTD'